Hello and welcome to
Candy Mountain!
                                          I am a mother of two and certified
                                          in Early Childhood Education.  
                                          I have been the owner/director
                                          of Candy Mountain Day Care for
                                          over eight years.  My previous ex-
                                          perience includes administrative
                                          assistant duties, computers and
                                          management organization, all of
                                          which help to provide an organ-
                                          ized and safely run Candy Moun-

                                          My passion for working with chil-
                                          dren and families led me to grow in
the childcare industry and in addition to directing/owning
Candy Mountain I teach the CDA credential course for Early
Childhood Educators at Union County College.  Here at Candy
Mountain we strive for great customer service.  I look forward
to meeting you, and coming aboard at Candy Mountain.

Best Regards,

Amy Rosen

Providing excellence in Childcare Services
Candy Mountain Day Care