Candy Mountain Day Care
Now Accepting
Children Ages
6-weeks and up!

Owner / Director
Amy Rosen

Full Day Program
Half Day Program

Monday - Friday
7:00 A.M. - 5:30 P.M.

1 Paul M. Greig Way
Winfield Park, NJ 07036

(908) 862-6252 Office
(732) 319-6397 Cell
Candy Mountain has Moved!
We are pleased to announce our daycare has moved
to a new location!  

Our new facility is located at:
1 Paul M. Greig Way, Winfield Park, NJ 07036
Candy Mountain is fully certified by the
State of New Jersey
Mission Statement
Our staff is certified, professional, warm and dedicated.  Candy
Mountain is a place for children to enjoy, play, learn, love, laugh and
discover.  Our door is always open for partnering with parents about
their children's development and experience at Candy Mountain.
Thank you for inquiring about Candy Mountain.  Be assured that our
school offers every opportunity to give each child a good start toward
healthy maturation and self fulfillment.  We will help to develop the child's
natural, instinctive way of learning about the world in which they live, their
natural curiosity and their inventiveness.  We want to help each child
develop their own special strengths, find outlets for their feelings,
develop skills that will give them self confidence, help them to relate to
others successfully, and achieve a sense of personal identity without
sacrificing their uniqueness.